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(WKOW) — Wisconsin corn growers have made significant investments in managing Nitrogen to protect water quality.

Located just outside of Darlington lies Berget Family Farms, a cash crop grain operation that’s also helping to maintain a healthy water supply.

“We have a great soil here in the Lafayette County area,” Meghan Berget-Saunders, manager of Berget Family Farm said.

“My dad’s family was established here many years ago, so this is where we decided to literally, plant our roots.”

Running a corn-grain-only operation means the Berget Farm works hard to preserve its land and water resources. One method used to help preserve water is by creating large, grassy swaths of land to
help control runoff. These waterways help keep soil in place and slow the rush of water coming off the fields after heavy rainfalls. The dense grass also helps filter out some of the sediment before it runs into the nearby creek.

“We’re passionate about not only our water on our farms, but also our neighbors and in our surrounding communities,” Berget-Saunders said.

In an effort to help protect the region’s watershed, Berget Family Farms forged relationships with nearby farmers to create a farmer-led nonprofit called the Lafayette Ag Stewardship Alliance in 2017. The Alliance is committed to the faithful and sustainable stewardship of natural resources.

“That came about…the farmers realizing that it was up to them not only just being told that they needed to do this, but to really take it upon themselves to manage the water system that we have in our in our area,” Berget-Saunders said.

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