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A group of future veterinarians in Australia has stripped down to pose for a calendar with strategically placed animals and props– all in the name of mental health.

The calendar, which is in its 10th year, features students from the Sydney School of Veterinary Science and benefits the Black Dog Institute, an organization dedicated to mental illness.

“With one in five people battling with mental illness at some point in their lives, we hope that supporting the Black Dog Institute will assist their endeavors in helping so many,” Lucy Fuchter, the calendar director, said in a prepared statement shared with Fox News.

“Additionally, as soon-to-be veterinarians and animal scientists, we are entering a workforce in which the suicide rate is four times that of the national average — it is a cause close to our hearts.”

Adding that the calendars make “great Christmas presents,” Fuchter said participation in the photo shoot tends to pick up once students see their fellow future vets jump in.

“There were also people on either ends of the enthusiasm spectrum,” she said. “Some had been looking forward to participating in the calendar since starting their degree, others were adamant they weren’t going to take part then ended up giving in to the fear of missing out.”

The calendar, which features both male and female students, retails for about $17. Sales from the calendars (warning: link contains semi-nude veterinary students) have generated nearly $100,000 over its 10-year history, according to the website.

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