Open Streets OKC event engages city’s Hispanic community, promotes healthy living –

“They have put actual money into their commitments to us,” Kratochwill said. “They have gone on foot to the neighborhoods and stores and community organizations to meet with people, talk to them, hang posters, give messages in person. … They say, ‘We are here, this is important, how can we help?’ I am proud and grateful for that.”

“The event has a lot of impact long term. They are trying to change the Latino community’s lifestyle habits for the better because we do lag in looking after our health and our diets.”

Beyond promoting healthy living, the event brings in residents from all over the city to engage economically with the locally owned businesses, Ford said.

It also provides a chance for Latino business owners to participate in something larger and substantial, Kratochwill said, which opens up doors for future partnerships and opportunities.

Going forward, Kratochwill said she hopes to see more city- and countywide organizations bring events and resources south to the Latino community.

“It is a lot more colorful down here,” Kratochwill said. “I want to see it continue to grow and stay colorful, seeing black families and Latino families building bridges between the fun things and food and health.”

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