Madison County Health Department gets grant to fight hepatitis C – WKYT

MADISON COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) – The Madison County Health Department is receiving a two part grant for
more education, more capacity and more harm reduction.


Nancy Crewe, the Madison County Health Department’s Public Health Director, said reducing harm caused by hepatitis c, specifically.

“Hep c is a viral infection that attacks the liver,” Crewe said.

She said there are three main points people should know about the disease.

“Baby boomers should especially be tested, more than 75 percent of those with hep c don’t know their status….and, it is curable,” Crewe said.

The department’s slogan is ‘know your status.’ With the increase of hepatitis c cases in Kentucky, health care workers are encouraging people to go get tested. That test involves taking a small sample of a blood from the finger and patients will get the results within 20 minutes.

“Once they’re tested with us and found to be positive, we link those to services to someone who treats hep c,” Anne Hatton, the Clinic Nurse Adminstrator, said.

They call this the warm personal hand off.

The health care workers said helping one person can keep a whole community healthy.

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