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Renova Medical Wear — Christian Bok, Weehawken, NJ

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Christian Bok of Renova Medical Wear
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Bok is a proud self-taught entrepreneur, and his persistence has paid off with a top-ranking in the category for his product, a range of adjustable shirts and pants for people recovering from surgery.

What was the inspiration for your business idea?

My inspiration had come out of necessity. A member of my family underwent surgery which had resulted in them to become temporarily immobilized. As a caregiver, at the time, I had noticed the difficulties of getting dressed for someone in such an immobile state of being. Not only was it difficult and somewhat dangerous for them to get dressed on their own, but I could also sense indignity when having someone else assist them. My experience though this event had inspired me to find a solution.

How did you fund your business at the start? And what is your top tip that might help other young entrepreneurs seeking to build that initial investment in their businesses?

The business’s initial seed capital had come out of my own savings account. The limited savings I had ($5,000) was able to finance the product designs but nothing beyond that.

For two years I was pitching Healthcare Systems to purchase my products at a wholesale level (payment upfront) in hopes that succeeding in doing so would provide my business with the cash flow required to get the business moving forward. That never happened. Close to failure, I had a lucky break thanks to one of my credit card providers who offered me an unsecured loan of $14,000 which I immediately took. Still, without ever selling a single product, I was convinced my idea was a great one and with that loan, I took a tremendous risk by purchasing inventory.

Every business’ beginning is unique so what had worked for me will most likely not work for you. With that being said, if you’re lucky enough to have friends and family who believe in you and your idea, then attempt to seek your initial investment that way. And if you’re not so lucky to have this kind of support I guarantee that if you’re passionate enough about your business idea you WILL find a solution to the obstacle, whether that’s initial financing or anything else, which is required to overcome in order to help move your idea forward.

What feature of the Amazon platform are you most focused on right now, and how does that fit with your overall business strategy?

The feature on the platform we are most focused on right now is advertising. Being that it is our biggest expense on the Amazon Seller Platform, it is also the most crucial in achieving success on Amazon. We strategize by providing our campaigns the required investment each product needs in order to be the top-ranking product for that category.

What is your business education background, and what resources (books, trainings, podcasts, etc) do you use to learn and stay on top of your game?

I am a college dropout who’s never received a formal business education.

I’m an autodidact regarding all business knowledge I’ve accumulated to get Renova Medical Wear Inc. to this point in time. As I stated earlier when your business is facing an obstacle which is inhibiting it from moving forward and you don’t have the knowledge or know-how, at the time, you will certainly find out how/or what’s needed to move ahead for the business, whether that’s reading books on a certain topic, asking for help, or simply researching on your own, because it is the only way you will get to the next step necessary to grow.

What is the top tool, app, or technique that helps you stay organized?

Establishing a routine and slowly evolving it as the business grows while remaining focused on doing so is the most powerful technique that helps me stay organized.

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