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It’s Halloween week and, while your main focus is probably on stocking up on candy, carving the pumpkins and, of course, that all-important costume, don’t forget that your smart home tech can play an important part in creating a spooky feel.

Here are some top tips for taking your Halloween to the next tech level…


If you’ve got string lights or lights with pumpkins on, and so on, the obvious first step is to make these smart. Stick some smart plugs on them and create a group and scene from your digital assistance of choice so that when you say, “Turn on the Halloween lights,” they all go on.

But, you can go further if you have smart lights. The likes of Philips Hue, Lifx, Sengled and co. will not only let you choose red/green/orange (they are the Halloween colors, right?), but there are also a bunch of spooky scenes for you to explore within the companion apps.

One step further than that – team up your lights with smart sensors and have them flicker and flash when motion is detected.


Playlists are hardly pushing the boundaries of the smart home revolution but add in some voice control and you’re bound to impress the family. Especially if you get creative with the names of the playlists. “Ok Google, play some spooky tunes.”

Doorbell spooks

Two of the major smart doorbell makers – Ring and Nest – both have Halloween-themed chimes lined up for the big trick or treat night. You’ll find the spooky dingles in the app’s settings.

Digital assistant fun

Both Google and Amazon are, of course, jumping on the Halloween bandwagon with spooky skills and special responses programmed in for the season.

Here are some Alexa commands to try:

Alexa, Happy Halloween.

Alexa, are ghosts real?

Alexa, give me a magic potion.

Alexa, cast a spell.

Alexa, tell me a fact about skeletons.

Alexa, tell me a fact about zombies.

Alexa, tell me a Halloween joke.

Alexa, tell me a joke about pumpkins.

Alexa, tell me a joke about witches.

Alexa, tell me a spooky story.

And some for the Google Assistant:

Hey, Google, who you gonna call?

OK, Google, happy Halloween

Hey, Google, what’s your favorite candy?

OK, Google, Freddy versus Jason. Who wins?

Hey, Google, what are you going to be for Halloween?

OK, Google, why do the leaves change colors?

Hey, Google, boo!

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