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How many times have you returned from a vacation only to wish you’d done some things differently while you were there?

That’s okay if your adventures were just around the corner. It’s another thing altogether if you’re planning to join the ranks of the 323 million tourists who visited Asia in recent times.

If you’re heading off to spend time in Asia, take note of these tips so you don’t have any regrets after your trip.

1. Make the Most of Your Time in Asia

This doesn’t mean try to cram as much of the place into your travels as possible. Sure, it’s a wonderful idea to take in all the famous sights and activities on offer, but try to keep it simple.

You’ll get far more out of the experience if you focus on a few destinations and explore them thoroughly. Rushing from place to place is hardly enjoyable or relaxing.

2. Pack Light

Seriously, Southeast Asia is pretty advanced. You’ll find great hotels and shops in all the main centers.

You don’t need to bring all the comforts of home along with you. If you need something, you’ll probably be able to buy it.

Plan to do doing laundry every chance you get. That way, you can get away with packing fewer clothes.

3. Prepare Thoroughly

Before you leave, make sure that you’ve gotten all the necessary vaccines for Southeast Asia. While you can get your inoculations in Bangkok on arrival, you don’t want to waste precious time searching for a clinic when you get there.

Anti-malarial medication will spare you the agonies of this tropical disease. However, there’s nothing like a good insect repellant to save you from buzzing annoyances throughout your stay.

If you do need a visa for Southeast Asian travel, you can get one on arrival. The trick is to come prepared.

Make sure you have US dollars and passport photos handy at the time. You can also save time by printing out the necessary online forms and filling them in beforehand.

4. Travel Differently

Don’t confine yourself to using standard public transport like planes, trains, and buses. Hire a bike, hop on board a tuk-tuk, or take the ferry.

When you try something new, the journey can be as exciting as the destination.

That said, hiring a scooter can be fraught with risk. The crowded urban roads are daunting and everyone drives on the left. Mastering these two aspects at once may prove a little much, even for experienced scooter drivers.

5. Change Money on Arrival

Hotels and airports aren’t the best choices if you’re after a good exchange rate. Rather, opt for a local bank when exchanging your currency.

Be sure to keep plenty of cash on hand as you travel. You’ll need it for tips, fares, and attractions. If you want to use a credit card for some purchases, make sure you have one that doesn’t charge a fee for foreign transactions.

Keep Exploring

One of the best ways to prepare for a trip abroad is to research destinations before you leave. Travel bloggers and tourist sites are filled with helpful information for incident-free journeys.

Whether it’s some time in Asia or you’re after or other lifestyle tips, you can rely on us for the latest information. Keep browsing our website for more.

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